When do I have to contact my physician or personal coach?

You have to contact your physician or personal coach when you cannot drink anymore, or in case of wound inflammation and fever.

How long do the stitches remain?

After 10 days, you may cut off the white threads without taking them out. The subcutaneous thread will dissolve automatically. However, the blue thread has to be removed after 10 days.

How much weight can I lose?

You can expect a to lose 30-40% of your excess weight if you follow the nutritional and exercise recommendations. Your motivation and commitment to adopt a new lifestyle are extremely important for successful long-term weight loss.

When do I have to mention my gastric band, sleeve or bypass?

It is important to mention having had bariatric surgery when undergoing an operation or when you are staying in the hospital for another reason (accident, pregnancy,…). Your treatment may require a deflation of your band, or could be different because of the gastric sleeve or bypass…

Can I get pregnant after bariatric surgery?

Yes, becoming pregnant can be easier if you lose weight. However, when you have a gastric band, it is important to mention your gastric band to your gynaecologist or obstetrician. It is highly recommended to have your band loosened when you often suffer from a feeling of sickness during the first months of your pregnancy. From the 5th month, you would be well-advised to have your band deflated temporarily to allow for adequate nutrition for the baby. Two months after pregnancy, the band may be made tighter again and you can resume losing weight. Obviously, during your pregnancy, eating healthy is so important, more than ever!

Am I allowed to take a flight or to go deep-sea diving?

 Yes, that is possible. Please contact Dr. Vanden Borre for useful diving instructions.

Will my gastric band set off airline security devices or other detection systems?

Since access ports are often made of titanium, this may be enough to cause an alarm. For this reason, we recommended you to carry a card with you identifying yourself as a gastric banding patient. This card is also useful when having an accident.

Does an adjustment of the gastric band require an empty stomach?

No. You can have a light meal or a drink up to 1 hour before an adjustment. You can continue your daily work afterwards.

What do I have to pay attention to in hot weather?

Your skin will perspire more in hot weather. Therefore, it is important to drink sufficiently. Check the color of your urine: the lighter the better. Dark urine means that you do not drink enough. If you go on holiday to a very warm country, we advise you to have your band a little deflated. Please contact Dr. Vanden Borre or your ECFS Patient Care Manager, if necessary.

Does my social life change profoundly after bariatric surgery?

No. You really should be able to go to a restaurant with family and friends and enjoy the meal.  You really should be able to exercise and to go out, etc…  After you have recovered and you restarted your personal and professional life, following the postoperative rules, your daily experience will help you to have a normal life after the surgery.  The “NEW YOU” will grant you a great boost!

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