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Why choosing to have your obesity surgery in Belgium?

Hi! Welcome to the ECFS Obesity Solutions website! Obesity Solutions is providing one Total Care Plan for all different surgical obesity interventions.

This unique concept is based on personal approach, tailor-made treatment and continuous support.

Our three steps service consists of, first of all, providing professional and complete information in order to be able to make the right decision.

Secondly, we prepare your stay in Belgium, offering an all-in package: full taxi service, four star accommodation and of course, your hospital stay are fully arranged.

Last but not least, aftercare and continuous support are organized in our clinics in your country and through 24/7 service online. Please do not hesitate to visit this website to find out a lot more in detail about ECFS obesity solutions!

My name is Chris Deprez, your  patient care manager, ready to guide you on your ‘weigh’ to happiness...


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Our three steps service...

1. Professional information

2. Our treatments

3. Aftercare & continuous support


How to Change Emotional Eating

10/11/2017 - How to Change Emotional Eating

It's been a bad day at work. The kids have been acting up all day. You're stressed. How do you deal with it? Maybe by gobbling an extra piece of fried chicken? Or reaching into the bag of chips while zoning out in front of the television? Perhaps by snuggling up with a container of ice cream and spoon in bed? We've all caught ourselves giving in to emotional eating. And yet we also know that we can't lose weight without limiting the calories that pass our lips. So how do you move beyond the... Read more

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  • "The clinic gave me quality treatment" "The ECFS Obesity Solutions Clinic helped with my Gastric Band appointment a while ago and I was very happy with the treatment and service I received from the clinic. The clinic gave me quality treatment, the doctors were good and the price was not too expensive. The clinic was very good, very efficient, it was not too hard to find and the treatment was not at at all expensive. All in all I was very happy with the clinic and can easily recommend them."
    J.D. Dublin

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