"The clinic gave me quality treatment" "The ECFS Obesity Solutions Clinic helped with my Gastric Band appointment a while ago and I was very happy with the treatment and service I received from the clinic. The clinic gave me quality treatment, the doctors were good and the price was not too expensive. The clinic was very good, very efficient, it was not too hard to find and the treatment was not at at all expensive. All in all I was very happy with the clinic and can easily recommend them."

18/08/2017 - J.D. Dublin

From start to finish Chris was very helpful he made sure everything ran smooth and was there on the day of my operation .The hospital staff were great before and after the operation and managed my pain levels always making sure I was comfortable.I had no complications and was able to leave the hospital the next day and go back to the hotel.The hotel itself was very nice and the taxi drivers we very good always turning up on time .When I arrived back in the UK Chris e-mailed the next day to make sure I was feeling ok and that I was able to follow the diet sheet I had been given .I am now 4 weeks after the operation and every thing is going well I have lost over 1and half stone and feel great I am able to eat normal again but not as much as before .I would like to thank Chris and his company for getting me to where I am today and would not hesitate to recommend his company to people who are thinking about weight loss surgery because it is the best thing I ever did.Once again Chris thank you for all your help.

14/02/2017 - Stephen A London

Surgery is a massive decision and very stressful deciding what's best for you. I was thinking about it for a whole year before I decided. It was a whole year wasted. obesity solutions was fantastic from Start to finish. Belgium seemed like miles away in fact it was quicker to get there than most of the places offering surgery. I have friends who have travelled to Manchester, Birmingham, 3-4 hours drive and I went to another country in half the time. the stay at the hotel was lovely and the hospital staff were great. Please don't worrie about after care guys this was a big concern of mine but you really do have around the clock Support if I have a problem or a question or am worried I can call Chris who from start to finish as made me feel so comfortable. I am only into my 6th week and doing will recovery as been quick and stitches have heeled better than I thought hardly see them. Wish anyone thinking about it all the success.

12/12/2016 - A.. London

Dear Chris, Firstly I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart stomach, which you have now. It has been a pleasure to meet you and I take this opportunity to express my gratitude... The overall experience has been nothing short of perfect. From our first meeting I immediately trusted you; never did I feel pushed or persuaded to go through with the procedure. Both myself and my sister spoke about what would we change and we cannot think of a single thing. The hospital was amazing, the standard of care and attention was above and beyond the level of care I believe available in Ireland even down to the taxi service was excellent and friendly. Please don’t hesitate in sharing my experience to others who wish to know more about the service and my patient journey. Kind Regards Caroline.

05/10/2016 - Ms Caroline Conlan Dublin

Treatment Gastric Band: From the first phone call with Chris I knew I was in safe hands. No pressure given allowed to make my mind up in my own time. Arrived at Lille Internatioal station and was picked up promptly in a taxi and transported to the hotel in Belgium. The Hotel was of a great standard very clean and with some English TV channels but has great free WIFI. If your travelling alone I can tell you are not alone! Arriving early morning to the hospital we where warmly welcomed by Chris who explained the whole plan of the day. The hospital was very clean and of a excellent standard. The hospital staff where so friendly and caring. Feeling so nervous being taken to theater the theater staff was so caring which put me at ease. After having the Gastric band the surgeon came round personally to check if you where ok as well as being looked after by the nursing staff and Chris whos always on hand. Day after surgery Chris came to the hotel and gave me fantastic advise and repeatly said to contact him if ever needed. Its been 2 months post op and I can say the only regret I have is i wish id done it sooner. The aftercare I have been given by Chris is outstanding. Im losing weight week by week and feel great. I can't thank Chris and his team enough for the service and care iv been given and still receiving Fantastic price... Outstanding care.. Amazing aftercare. Thank you Chris for your continuous support.

15/04/2016 - Joanne Steels Bracknell

"You definitely need your will power for most" Treatment Received: •Bariatric Surgery Consultation •Gastric Bypass "I'm losing weight day by day, however I'm very careful with what I'm eating. Don't think if you went under this operation, magic would happen. NO it wouldn't work if you continue your bad eating habit. This operation 100% would help you to lose weight but to cure your obesity you definitely need your will power for most. Very friendly I felt really comfy to discuss everything with them. Also in Belgium all the team were very friendly. I was alone through my treatment but because of this great team I never felt even 1% loneliness."

08/03/2016 - F. UK

"The price was fine and the doctors were really good" "My Gastric Band appointment at the ECFS Obesity Solutions clinic in Dublin went really well and I was happy with how informative and well detailed the consultation I received was. The price was fine and the doctors were really good. This clinic was very efficient. I was pleased to have received such quality care and service. My recommendation goes without saying and is completely unconditional."

18/08/2017 - V.G. Dublin

My name is Pat, I'm 42 years old and mother to 3 age 15,11 and 4, I’ve always struggled with my weight every diet every Slimming tablet I tried it ,I'd do good for 2…3 months then soon I'd be back eating junk food and chocolate . At the age of 41 I decided enough was enough ,topping the scales at over 28 stone a size 30/32,I could barely walk my feet were like concrete blocks I could hardly breath I was sweating , I was ashamed of the person I'd become, the once outgoing chatty bubbly person I once was, I'd sit in the car if we went out I was scared of anyone seeing the mess I'd become. I was depressed ,and if I didn't do something soon about myself I could only see one way out, I worried about my children not having a mother , I had to do something drastic . I contacted ECFS in Belgium, as I know friends who have had weight loss surgery surgery there and they paid a lot less than prices in the UK, and Dr Vanden Borre is a skilled safe surgeon, who is an expert in the field of weight loss procedures Chris Deprez is the Patient Care Manager, and he was so helpful and explained all the arrangements-the price even included a companion!! The support you get during and after the procedure is key to maintaining weight loss. Chris put in touch with an Weight Loss Specialist Nurse called Judith (she works with Chris and is based in UK company Gastric Band Support) She alters Gastric Bands and is very experienced. She talked me through everything and put my mind at ease , between us we arranged for surgery to have a gastric band fitted August the 24th 2016. I know I can call her for support at any time and she works evenings and weekends which is great for my lifestyle. God knows I was not a bit nervous, I felt that that surgery was my answer. Everyone spoke English and the journey to Belgium is short. The hotel was immaculate as was the Hospital, I had my own private room and nurse. The care was incredible, the morning of surgery I was still hitting the 28 Stone weight. The surgery was a success, and after 2 hours I was back at the hotel where I rested, before I went home, I feel different already, I can now move a lot better ,6 weeks after surgery I had my first fill -I'd already lost 2st, it's not a quick fix and you do have to work with itand make the changes. Breakfast now is a small portion of porridge, some soup and a piece of fruit, one egg omelette for dinner. 3 months to the day I had my second fill and lost 4st 10lbs. (74 lbs) 37 bags of sugar!! I'm feeling on top of the world, although I’ve got a long way to go, I thank God everyday I met Chris Deprez and Judith Jobling who guided me the right way, offering expert support and never judging me. I strongly advise anyone who is struggling with their weight and health to do the same.

13/12/2016 - Pat UK

"100% confident that I have all the required information going forward" "I found this clinic online during a search for information for the gastric sleeve procedure. I booked a consultation with one of their representatives. The clinic itself is very clean and hygienic. The staff were welcoming and operated in a very professional manner. The gastric sleeve consultation itself was very informative, I am 100% confident that I have all the required information going forward with my procedure."

29/11/2016 - L.V. Dublin

"I had a gastric band in Belgium through ECFS best decision i ever made, smooth & easy process from start to finish! I had a great experience, all i had to do was book my flights & chris & the team took care of the rest, i felt really safe & comfortable & i was really well looked after!"

06/09/2016 - S.M.. Dublin

Don t think for one minute that because you are paying less than you would in the UK that you will receive a lesser service. It took me a long time to decide to commit to going to a different country for surgery, but what a great choice. From the moment we landed at the airport we were treated with such courtesy and respect it was humbling. The hotel which was all arranged and included was very nice. The hospital was the cleanest I have ever had the pleasure to be in and all the nursing staff could speak english , if sometimes only limited. Everything had been thought of including a visit from the dietitian the next day and a physiotherapist ! I also was taken to xray to ensure that the operation was successful which made me feel very reassured. Chris was always on hand via e mail, text and person. I can not thank you all enough for the service you provided and your total professionalism. I would high recommend to anyone.

24/03/2016 - K. LINCOLNSHIRE

"Allowed to make the decision in my own time" Treatment Received: • Bariatric Surgery Consultation • Gastric Sleeve "Gastric Sleeve 21 Oct 2015. Everything was explained very carefully to me and I had all my questions answered clearly and simply. There was no hard sell just the facts. After my first consultation I was allowed to walk away and make my decision in my own time without being constantly bombarded by emails etc. Cannot praise the treatment and care that I received highly enough. Everything was organised before leaving this country and worked seamlessly from my arrival in Lille. Chris Deprez who was my first point of contact in this country mentally held my hand from the start. He was a comforting presence whilst hospitalised and after the surgery whilst recovering back at the hotel. Anyone who is considering treatment should seriously consider the ECFS route. I can't even remember how I found them but so very glad that I did. They do not make outlandish claims about 'celebrity surgeons' or any other such nonsense. They just do a very good job quietly and efficiently."

04/03/2016 - J. London

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